Law on CO2 emissions

CO2 emissionsThe partial revision of the law on CO2 emissions in Switzerland and the new prescriptions aiming to the reduction of CO2 emissions from private cars now privilege big car importers and make direct importation for private individuals almost impossible. Indeed, ecological or not, all imported cars by a private individual will be subject to an often long and complex administrative procedure. Additionally, by this new law, cars that exceed the fixed target values of CO2 emissions will be taxed and sometimes quite heavily. This tax, called “financial sanction” on CO2 emissions, is complex and its principal aim is to orientate consumers to more ecological cars.

By importing your ecological vehicle with CO2 Exchange, you have the possibility of getting a cash bonus* that rewards your eco-friendly purchase. A bonus unforeseen by the law on CO2 emissions and that you wouldn’t get if you imported your car on your own, not to mention the long administrative procedure you will be confronted with.

* The cash bonus isn’t guaranteed. The “ecological car” qualification and the calculation of the bonus related to it are subject to regular variations due to the complexity of the calculation method, considering on one hand the diversity of the vehicles held by CO2 Exchange at the moment of the transaction and, on the other, the related taxation period.